About 901eLearn

Our Mission

To equip businesses and their employees with the tools, skills and knowledge needed for a successful and profitable business to succeed.

Our focus is on helping underrepresented founders and business owners achieve superior financial results.

Our Vision

That everyone is afforded the opportunity to achieve success in their business. Whether they are just starting out, seeking growth or wanting better results.


Our company’s relationships are built on

  • Integrity in our thoughts and actions,
  • Transparency through our communications and products,
  • Fiscally Strategic coupled with compassionate empowerment of others,
  • Process Dependent while being flexible to change, and
  • Multi-Faceted Diversity in focus as to age, gender, race, and economics.

Our Team

Nita Black

Founder / CEO

Role includes business organization, business development, financial management, budgeting, planning, product development, product delivery, and offline marketing.
Trusted relationships with ethnic business owners in place, with businesses from small to beyond small.


Curt Freeman

Project Manager

Role includes site design and development, marketing and promotions, maintenance and support. Curt specializes in web design, website management, and project management and has 40 plus years  experience in both offline and online marketing.


Become A Team Member

Your Role

Interested in joining the team? We are looking for dedicated team members who would like to help with us fulfilling or vision and mission. We are looking for people experienced in Marketing and Public relations. Contact Us for more details. 

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